Illustrator Natalia Spivak
Lines and Colours
Hello, my name is Natalia Spivak, i will make illustrations for your product.
Do you need lively illustrations for your website, media or promotional materials?
Perfect, I can be useful here.
I make charismatic characters
And the illustration receives emotional response.
Add humour to illustrations
Because smile is the best emotional expression.
Use visual metaphors
It makes the illustration smart and draws attention.

Illustrations for, the project concerning heart diseases.

Can capture likeness in portraits
Illustrations for Dokhodchivo Media
And is keen on storytelling
When you have a story to tell.
Have worked for nice companies, will be happy if you join too!
Made illustrations for Samsung, Coca-Cola,, Sber, Yandex and others.

Illustrations for Team Canvas Book by Alex Ivanov

My full portfolio is here:
Let's work together!
Please drop me an e-mail or text to FB Messenger
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